Tuesday, February 1, 2011


In the previous post I told you that I was working on #6 of my 35 new things to try this year but I wasn’t ready to share it with you yet.  Well, after getting a few things in order, I am finally ready to share!  This particular “new thing” is by far the one that I am most excited about!!  I hope those of you who know me well, will be able to share the excitement of this new experience with me!
#6  College
It has ALWAYS been my number one regret that I didn’t stick with college and get a degree.  My first semester of college I had just started dating Eric and my mind was most definitely NOT on studying.  At the time I had only one goal…to get married and start having babies.  I wanted to be a wife and mom more than anything else!  So needless to say, finishing college and getting a degree was not even on my radar; so I dropped out.   Well, that was almost 17 years ago and I am a totally different person now then I was back then.  My husband might even say that I am a better person now…in almost every way.  And the Jeannine of 2011 wants to go back to school!  So I am finally going to take the plunge…to step outside of my comfort zone (once again) and start working on one of my dreams.  I no longer have to sit and wonder what it would be like to go back to school and get a job doing something I would love to do…I am actually going to do it!!  I hope to start taking classes this summer working as a “pre-Nursing student” towards a Nursing Major.  Becoming a nurse is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time…a private little dream of mine.  I’m glad that I am finally taking that leap to turn that dream into a reality.
I know it will be challenging to juggle being a mom and wife while going back to school – but I welcome the challenge.  I have the drive to work hard, the motivation to get it done quickly, the discipline to stay on top of it and most of all, the support of a loving husband who wants to see me succeed.  That last part is the most important thing to me.  I have Eric’s support and he is willing to help me every single step of the way.


  1. Way to go Jeannine!! What a great nurse you're going to be :)

  2. Thanks Sharon! Don't you wish I had been your Labor & Delivery nurse??? lol