Tuesday, February 22, 2011

14 Years! Really?

So today is our 14th wedding anniversary!  I cannot believe that we have been married for 14 years!  We have seen many mountain tops and have gone through many valleys over the past 14 years but the most important thing is that we had each other.  I love Eric more now than I did the day I married him.  We have both changed over the years into completely different people than we were when we met.  The wonderful thing about those changes is that it has made our relationship stronger and our individual relationships with our Heavenly Father deeper.  I am so thankful for Eric...he is a loving husband, wonderful father and an amazing best friend.  I look forward to many more years to come!!

In honor of our anniversary I decided to post a little memory lane of photos.  I will try to keep them in order but I don't remember all of the actual dates.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

This picture was taken in February 1995

This was Eric & I at a church Valentine's Banquet in 1995

 The next 4 pictures are from Church Camp 1995...we "got together" at Church Camp 1994 so this would have been our 1 year "anniversary."

 These next 2 pictures were taken in the fall/winter of 1995 to beginning of 1996.

This picture was taken in December 1996 at Eric's graduation from Texas A&M University.

Our engagement pictures.

This picture is crooked BUT one of my favorites.  It was taken after our rehearsal dinner the night before we got married.

Our wedding day:  Saturday, February 22, 1997 - 6:00pm

I LOVED this picture because it was so different then the usual "ring" picture with the hands on the flowers.

Another favorite of my Dad signing our Marriage License since he officially married us.

Eric & I at my sister Elisabeth's wedding - March 1998.

I think we are in San Antonio at some friend's house sometime in 1998.

Eric & I at my sister Sandi's wedding - February 1999.

I know this picture was taken in Oklahoma at John & Mishele Perry's wedding but I have no idea what year.

Eric & I at Brent & Danielle Williams' wedding in 1998...I think.

This picture is either late 1998 or early 1999.

This was Halloween 1998.

I know this was at David & Hollie Carnahan's house in San Antonio - early 1999.

New Year's Eve 2004.

Church Camp 2006 right before we moved to North Carolina.

Eric & I on our cruise - October 2009.

Thanksgiving Day 2010...right after I had Baby Luke.

That's all for now!  Can't wait to watch our family over the next 14 years!!

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  1. Had fun looking at all your photos!! Happy Anniversary!!!